Beautify the village

10-beautify-the-villageInternational and local tourists benefit not only Guest Houses and Restaurants but also other businesses - arts and crafts, souvenirs, boutiques, décor, ‘delis’, food, beach shops and more spring up and thrive

Prosperity results in property upgrades - the building industry benefit and so the advantages are spread to other sectors of business, their employees and hopefully more employment opportunities arise. 

The Gordon’s Bay Business Forum’s events like Winter Wonderland – next year planned to be even more spectacular – and the recent Leapfrog Road Race have already attracted visitors. With national and international media coverage next year it is hoped to make these and other events major attractions on the South African tourism calendar. 

To make Gordon’s Bay beautiful for visitors and for all who work and live there, the  Forum is negotiating with Council to develop and maintain public spaces and is encouraging that all residents and business owners give the village a ‘spring clean’. 

 “A beautiful Gordon’s Bay would give us all pleasure, would bring prosperity and property values would increase,” says Danie Miller, Chairman of the Forum. “If you have a business in Gordon's Bay and are passionate about Gordon's Bay, please join us. We encourage everyone to take ownership and get involved – this is “By Gordon’s Bay, for Gordon’s Bay”!    

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