Ashley John Hayes dance

10-Ashley John HayesAshley John Hayes dance

I am organising a dance at the Boat Angling club on the 28th of October 2011 (Friday), if there is anyone who can contribute or help in any way it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Paula de Coito

082 555 9318


Ashley John Hayes, aged 4 years, born at 900g, and grew to be this amazing young little man.  A vibrant, loving, energetic boy, was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer on the 16th July 2011.  He had 4 chemo sessions to shrink the mass from 21cm to 8cm, and then went for his operation to have the cancer, kidney and some Adrenal gland. The mass was 385 grams when it was removed.   He recovered remarkably fast, and was out of the hospital within 3 days!  Then came more news:  Subsequent to the histology tests, he has been diagnosed,  with Stage 1, but level 3 (aggressive) cancer.  This means extremely high risk of spreading further, if not dealt with.  Doctors have put him on 27 weeks of triple chemo sessions.  Medical aid has not covered all the hospital costs, and off course the care when he is at home also needs to be covered with a full time carer during the day. (his mom has to work).  He may not go to school, to avoid any possible infections and or other childhood diseases.  He has a twin sister, and an older brother of 10 years, who are warriors and real cowboy/girl in their own right to keep him upbeat.  When this is all done, he needs an eye operation, to straighten his eyes. 

Ironically, this is in aid for him, and its a dance!  He loves dancing and music!

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, especially when you see little people laugh, play, and dance.  He is truly a ray of light!

Thank you for taking an interest.

The Hayes and Burrows family.

For those that can help, herewith:

Ashley John Hayes

Absa – Savings Account number 9264022263 B/C 632005

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