100th member joins Gordons Bay Business Forum

09-100th-memberThe Gordons Bay Business Forum (GBBF), which started on 10th July 2010, had cause for celebration this week when the 100th member joined. Says chairman Danie Miller, “Perhaps the success of our recent Winter Wonderland and Leapfrog Gordon’s Bay Road Race, has given confidence in the effectiveness of the Forum and has attracted several more members who want to make Gordon’s Bay a great place to live and do business.”

“Members exchange ideas, offer their talents, consult with authorities and organise events to promote the village and thus increase tourism. We support local business and their success results in improved services, more attractive premises and increased employment - thus the entire community benefits!”

“Some incorrectly think that the Forum aims to sweep away the heritage of the village in favour of lucrative development. Our heritage is a beautiful and important asset of Gordon’s Bay and must, where possible, be preserved and restored,” says Danie.

Says Deputy Chair Kevin Wearing, “Our philosophy is positive interaction and inclusiveness so new business members and ideas are welcomed. The current portfolios are: Events, Tourism and Marketing, Security and Police Forum, Town Planning, Heritage and Village Upgrading. If you are passionate about Gordon’s Bay, join the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum and together we can work towards the improvement of our village!”

Membership fees are R100 per year and meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 08h00 at the Boat Angling Clubhouse in Harbour Island (Note, previously meetings were on Thursdays!)  Contact Danie Miller: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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